Isabelle Millet

Architect D.P.L.G.

Designer Quart de Poil Isabelle Millet Architect D.P.L.G.

Sharing the tastes and affinities of its founder Isabelle MILLET, Architect D.P.L.G., the company QUART DE POIL’ is committed to the production of functional and technical Architect / Designers' creations. In contrast to “gratuitous” and sensational designs, these professionals develop functional and original concepts with a constant concern for the environment.  Under her direction, QUART DE POIL' has developed 5 product ranges organised along different themes and sustainable materials.

For business gifts Isabelle Millet makes a special point of working closely with the client on the customisation, and even the conception of a new design to produce something useful, practical, and of which the client feels ownership.